27. Birth of a new country.

On the 10th of May 2018, a historical moment was made in Malaysia. The opposition coalition, The Alliance of Hope, has won majority seats for the first time in the 14th General Election since its independence 61 years ago, whereby the ruling party, Barisan National has been in power since.

I wished I was home to celebrate this moment with my family, friends and my siblings of different colours, but because of my ongoing IB exams, I can only show my love and support for the country through a 14-inch screen. To be honest, I have never imagined that this day would come and I have to admit that I did had some resentments against my own country, a country often associated with corruption and scandals. There’s always this feeling of embarrassment when someone asks me about the political structure of my country, and why people still support the government despite these issues. I never have a direct answer to that and till this day I still don’t, but what really matter is that this is the past, and we have better things to worry about now, because we have a new government. Change is real.

To have a better understanding of what the couple, the ex-prime minister and his wife, has done, here’s a (pretty long but) insightful post by his step daughter.

*Aesthetic doctors refer to beautician, hairstylist and cosmetic surgery

yes, our previous government hired witch doctors (bomoh) to find our missing MH370, you can read it here at TheStar:
Missing MH370: Bomoh uses ‘magic carpet’ to find Boeing

and here is some context about the 1MDB scandal in less than 4 minutes by Wall Street Journal: 
How the 1MDB Scandal Spread Across the World

Although I was being separated by the laptop screen while watching live posts and news happening in Malaysia during the counting process, my heart and my nation are not. It’s such a heartwarming scene to see everyone united, to fight (peacefully) for justice, and for the future of Malaysia. Be it uniting one last time the night before the general election to encourage every single citizen, or snatching the fake ballot boxes from the police and running away with it (to who knows where haha), or gathering late at night to block the election committee officers from leaving until they sign off the form 14. However, it touches my heart and at the same time breaks my heart, that a 92-year-old man and his loving wife have to sacrifice their golden years to rebuild the nation for the people. Yet, this gives me hope and all the more reason I should step up my game and contribute my part to the country instead of running away, and the phrase that I always used in my Bahasa Malaysia essays has finally made sense to me, “pemudi harapan bangsa, pemuda tiang negara.” (youth (females) are the hope of the people, and youth (males) are the pillar of the country).

Hence, I am extremely grateful for those who voted & gave us, the younger generations a new and hopeful country to live in. I can’t wait to go back home to a promising country in a few weeks. We might not know what it means (refer to picture), but we sure know it’s for the better.


more at: Business Insider, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times


26. A Poem: Rush


10, 9, 8…

in my hands lie the team’s fate.

suffocated by my ceaseless panting

and a responsibility I’m not capable of handling.


7 seconds left on the clock,

I’m hindered by shock.

too many commands,

too many hopes in the stands.


A sudden rush of adrenaline

impeded me to imagine

the right move against our rival

that will seek approval.


pass? shoot? dribble?

every move is possible

of devastating the team’s dream

of dimming the team’s gleam.


Similar to the reality we have to upstand,

sometimes we win and

sometimes we lose,

we don’t get to choose.


Sometimes a little luck is needed,

and setbacks cannot be evaded.

Not everyone we can please,

but never let it lose your ease.


via Daily Prompt: Rush

25. A Poem: Invisible


When I was 3,

I saw baby birds flying in the sky.

“Can I have wings like them too?”

but momma told me

“O honey, don’t be silly.”


She didn’t know that at 10,

I found my pair of wings.

They may be invisible,

but they carry me high up

to build castles in the sky.


My invisible pair of wings,

gave me support

in every adventure I took.

gave me hope

in every abyss I fell into.


My invisible pair of wings,

may not be as pretty,

but it encompassed my life

with array of colours

no wings of any bird could compete with.


via Daily Prompt: Invisible

24. Daily Prompt: Identical

A Portrait

I looked into the mirror,

to draw a self-portrait.

But there was no color,

that could accurately reflect my traits.


No matter how hard I try,

My portrait can never be identical to me.

Because nobody can listen to my outcry

that screams ‘set me free’.


I picked up the pen to draw,

hoping to find an inspiration.

But all I see are flaws,

I realized I’m too far from perfection.


I looked into the mirror again,

What happened to all the smiles?

Yes, too often I open my doors to pain

I’ve become vulnerable to these wiles…


…of society.


via Daily Prompt: Identical